What is the History of Hockey??

Well, we’re glad you asked!! The History of Hockey began with a stockpile of old hockey paraphernalia that was collecting dust…

…Then…suddenly a light bulb went on and Dennis Berarducci decided that he would display these great finds in the Revelstoke Forum. Over time, the collection grew and the Revelstoke Forum has a badge of honor down every hallway, from Aaron Volpatti to the young and inspiring youth of today!

With support from the wonderful local sponsors over the years, the cabinets of honor allow the History of Hockey to give back to the youth of today by investing in their passion for sports.

So what was once a dusty box of hockey “stuff” became the beginning of an idea, and that idea proves wonderment when you see the kids hit the ice today.


The Next Step…

Every kid deserves a chance to find their passion on the ice!

All you need to do is email us and request an application!¬†Let us help you out. I mean, Hey… why not??

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