How’d it all happen??

Sometimes the beginning is the execution of excellence, fostered by hours of planning and a host of ideas.

Sometimes its hours and hours of sleepless nights thinking about what is best for the direction of the company, all the while still struggling to fit life into the mix.

Sometimes it is a battle against a similar company, knowing full well one of you will fold under the pressure.  Will it be them? Us? How can I be edgier, more unique? different? The boring think tank meetings begin…

….And sometimes it’s your wife telling you get get rid of those dusty boxes of hockey stuff that’s taking up good storage space…

Sometimes it’s that too.

Thus, those glass cases all over the Revelstoke Forum with all the past hockey greats? Yup…that’s how it all started…because Dennis collected stuff.

Who’s on Board!!

Behind any great idea, project, business or concept is a team of people dedicating their time to making sure it can come to fruition.

Here is a few of us…

Secretary: Tannis Kungle

Directors: Brad Simpson, Deanne Berarducci, Rusty Berarducci  Oh Yeah…This guy too -> Shaun Aquiline

Dennis Berarducci

Founder & President

Dennis is the guy with all the “stuff” in storage.

Glenalee Berarducci

Vice President

Boss of Dennis.

Renee Howe



Renee does all the money stuff. It made the most sense, she works at Revelstoke Credit Union.