Testimonials… which really is a fancy way of bragging…but who doesn’t?!?

We pride ourselves on giving back to the community. We also value those who utilize the H.O.H Bursary as well as their individual privacy.  All names are removed to respect the applicant privacy. 

1) “My husband and I separated and it was financially draining for the both of us. We were able to still keep our son on the ice- which during this time was extremely important for him to have consistency in his life. The History of Hockey helped us through that time.”
2) “my name is Ashley and I am very grateful that the History of Hockey is available to families
that need that little bit of extra to keep a smile on their kids’ faces. My kids love is for the sport of
hockey and love to play it. As a single parent with one income, paying the fees for hockey is very
overwhelming and has stopped me from registering my kids in the past. When I moved to Revelstoke,
my kids wanted to join hockey and that immediately stressed me out. Financially I figured it wouldn’t
work. I registered them anyways and decided I could figure it out as I went. Once there I was able to
speak with the managers of the team about setting up a payment plan and their first response was go to
History of Hockey. I said I had actually heard an advertisement on the radio and wasn’t sure what to do.
All I had to do was call Renee at the number and place given and go from there. A little skeptical about
asking someone for money to help my kids play hockey but I thought that it would definitely make my
kids more than happy. I called Renee and said that I heard an advertisement for History of Hockey and
that the managers of the hockey team directed me this way for financial assistance. Renee said for sure
that she just needed a little bit of info. I had already printed out bank statements to show what my
income was but didn’t need to use them! All she asked was if I was a single parent in need, what team
my kids were on and the amount requested. I cringed when I asked for the whole amount and Renee
said yes we can do that for you. No questions asked after that. I said I could send my financial info and
she said no need, we don’t do that. I was approved just like that! Renee said that they would write a
cheque and send it to the Hockey Association themselves. I seriously almost cried. I said thank you, hung
up and sat there thinking, did that just happen? As soon as my kids got home, I said that they had their
first hockey practice in a couple of days and their eyes lit up just like Christmas morning. History of
Hockey is a wonderful idea and I thank Dennis Berarducci for his kind heart and all he does for this
community to make kids dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”—Ashley V.
3) “I have 2 daughters and 1 son. Both of the girls are in figure skating and my son is in both! So when it comes time to pay for their sign up- it hits the wallet. H.O.H has helped us out tremendously! “
4) “The History of  Hockey has made it possible for my son to play hockey. Without the H.O.H. there would be many children not able to play a sport they are truly passionate about. History of Hockey contributions and commitment to the families and the community of Revelstoke is like no other. We are truly grateful for all they do and have done.”—Tina Miertsch.