H.O.H Mandate

To empower the youth of Revelstoke by providing the financial support necessary for them to pursue their passion for sports.

Mission Statement

To espouse teamwork, discipline, community pride, personal growth and healthy physical activity in the youth of Revelstoke by engaging them through sports and athletic achievement.


What are you doing over there??

The History of Hockey is a society that provides opportunities for the youth of Revelstoke to participate in community athletics. By providing financial support to cover the cost of equipment, travel, training and more, the organization champions the benefits of organized sport in the bringing up of our youth, helping them to learn confidence, cooperation, team building, community representation and courage.

Sense of Pride & Achievement!

Remember how exciting it was when you finally learned how to skate backwards? Or stop? WOW! The excitement and pride a little one gains when they practice and strive for excellence! That is what its all about. 

We want every kid to have that sense of pride. If the H.O.H. can help along the way… we are happy to be a small stepping stone on their life path. 


Next Steps…

Every kid deserves a chance to find their passion on the ice! All you need to do is email us and request an application!

So let us help you out. I mean, Hey… why not??

Call to Action